4 of the Best Restaurants in Williamsburg VA

Williamsburg_Farmers'_Market_2Williamsburg is quickly becoming a foodie destination and there are lots of places to eat but when you’re in town for just a few nights, how do you choose where you’ll dine? Pick one of the options below and you won’t be disappointed!

Berret’s Seafood – If you’ve stayed with us before, then we’ve probably offered it to you as our first choice for great grub in town. Berret’s offers local seafood like crab cakes, catch of the day, and all you can eat oysters. Great food is one thing, but what really sets Berret’s apart is there dining experience. Inside you can enjoy a quiet and intimate experience, while outside’s ambiance is wholly different, often offering live music and entertainment.

A Hound’s Tale – This is a newer restaurant on our list and one we really enjoy. The atmosphere is warm and cozy; almost a pub feeling. Strong drinks and well put together food makes A Hound’s Tale a new favorite. The owners of our favorite coffee shop Aroma’s opened this restaurant only recently but they take that same raucous energy of Aromas and bring it to dining. Staff is attentive and we loved our seasonal entrees. We recommend the pierogi appetizer and the burger.

Fat Canary – Looking for a romantic restaurant that’s walking distance from the Cedars? This is it. First go to the Cheese Shop at lunchtime for fresh sandwiches and then come back to the gourmet sister restaurant Fat Canary. This location offers a constantly changing menu that is unique in its presentation but simple in its preparation. This is your stop for a special evening.

Cochon on 2nd – Worth the ten minute drive, we love Cochon on 2nd. Creative cuisine done correctly. The dining room is small but spacious, full of energy, and delivers exciting meals. What is so special about Cochon are their salads. Their chefs are able to adeptly combine spicy or bitter herbs with a sweet sauce that is a melody. We especially love Chocon’s Caesar salad which is the best in town.


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