The Best Lunch Spots in Williamsburg, VA

cake-218172_1280The restaurant scene in Williamsburg, VA is thriving and while there are a lot of great dinner places (see our favorites here) we wanted to take a moment and share what we consider to be the best spots for a great lunch in Williamsburg, Virginia.

  1. Aroma’s – situated just outside Colonial Williamsburg, Aroma’s is a nice alternative to the Colonial taverns. During the school year, it’s a frequent hangout for W&M students and professors but the food is worth any wait you may encounter. The portions are large and everything is very fresh. Orders are placed at a counter and then food is called out by number. Make sure to save room for an Aromacino or one of their fabulous deserts.
  2. Carrot Tree – If you’re heading to Jamestown Settlement or Jamestown Island for the day, we highly recommend Carrot Tree Kitchens for lunch. It’s a casual sit-down restaurant with a  simple cafe menu. Soups, salad, wraps, and sandwiches and amazing deserts that are all made in-house. Get the desert sampler so you can try them all.
  3. Baker’s Crust – If you’re in town to shop and relax, you’ll want to try Baker’s Crust in New Town. It’s a favorite for business lunch-goers and is a local gem. The food is excellent and they have a number of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. They also offer a brunch menu on weekends.

Do you have other favorites that we’ve left off the list?


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