Why The Cedars of Williamsburg is the Best B&B for Bikers

pexels-photo-100582Williamsburg, VA is a great destination for those that love to bike! We’ve made sure that we’re catering to the needs of our guests who love to bike and will bring their bikes on vacation with them.  The Cedars of Williamsburg B&B wants to be the most bike-friendly bed and breakfast in Williamsburg, VA. We think that we are uniquely located to be central depot for all your biking trips.  We’ve got great access to the trails and safe, secure storage for your bike and gear.

Let’s talk trails – did you know that Williamsburg has lots of great ones? First, you have the official trails designed for biking.  Near Jamestown there are two smaller trails, the Powhatan Creek Trail and the Historic Jamestowne Bike Trail both of which are on water and offer a pleasant wooded ride.  Then there are the big ones: The Colonial Parkway and the Virginia Capitol Trail.  The Parkway offers a circumnavigation of the areas three points of interest: Jamestown, Yorktown, and Colonial Williamsburg.  Go early and enjoy the sun coming up over the James River.  The Virginia Capitol Trail goes from Richmond to Jamestown and offers rolling hills, wooded thickets, and the smell of yellow wildflowers as you finish the circuit between two of Virginia’s capitols.

Not a trail rider? That’s okay! You can always ride through the Campus of William and Mary as well as Colonial Williamsburg. The Cedars of Williamsburg is perfectly located to provide guests easy access to both of these locations. Leisurely rides through these areas will be scenic and have a lot of little surprises.

Don’t own a bike or can’t travel with one? Rent! We have recommendations for bike rentals in Williamsburg, VA. Bikes Unlimited is a great local location that rents for the day or the week.

Finally, when you get back to our house, put your bike up in our bike friendly (and safe) shed where you will have a key and access to your bike at your leisure.  Water bottles, ice, and a chilled bottle of wine (if you ask!) can greet you as you settle in for the night.


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