Vegetarian? Vegan? Variety!

IMG_2123We’ve often said that bed and breakfast people are some of the nicest people you’ll meet.  They know they’re coming into our home and they do their best to not be a nuisance or a bother to us.  While we’re grateful for your consideration, please know that we are here to serve you!  The most common guests who are selflessly trying to “not put us out” are our vegetarians and vegans.  “Just a bowl of fruit would be fine,” or, “I’ve brought my own protein bars.”  Folks!  We’ve got you covered. We are Williamsburg’s friendliest Bed and Breakfast after all and which means we’re a vegan and vegetarian friendly bed & breakfast too.

Who says vegetables aren’t for breakfast?  While we enjoy serving butter and sugar laden treats (our berry French toast comes to mind) we also serve a variety of healthy and fresh breakfasts.  Scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and roasted red peppers is such a simple addition to eggs.  It’s also great to add some asparagus for that extra bite of greenery in the morning.  These eggs here are paired with our Spiced Cedars of Williamsburg Oatmeal which is a sweet and exciting take on the otherwise ordinary oatmeal.

Speaking of oatmeal, I know for vegan guests oatmeal can be a tired staple when you visit bed and breakfasts.  We’ve got you covered too.  Roasted potatoes with rosemary work well with this tangy dish.  Quinoa with black beans, and roasted corn salsa with a hint of lime is a welcome break from a flat breakfast.  We also serve tofu based scrambled “eggs” with veggies.

So when you visit us, please say it with pride: “I don’t eat meat and I want an alternative,” because you know what?  We’ve got it!


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