Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, VA

crjnoulwyaaes0zRestaurant week is starting up here in Williamsburg and it got us thinking: what are our top three favorite places to eat near The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed & Breakfast?  In no particular order, here’s what we came up with.

  1. Berret’s Seafood. We love this place.  If you’ve stayed with us before, then you know we’ve probably offered it to you as our first choice for great grub in town.  Berret’s offers local seafood like crab cakes, catch of the day, and all you can eat oysters.  Great food is one thing, but what really sets Berret’s apart is there dining experience.  Inside you can enjoy a quiet and intimate experience, while outside’s ambiance is wholly different, often offering live music and entertainment.  And by the way, we loved Berret’s even before we won the Best Named Crab portion of their annual crab race in 2016 (great job Luke Sidewalker).
  2. A Hound’s Tale. This is a newer restaurant on our list and one we really enjoy.  The atmosphere is warm and cozy; almost a pub feeling.  Strong drinks and well put together food makes A Hound’s Tale a new favorite.  The owners of our favorite coffee shop Aroma’s opened this restaurant only recently but they take that same raucous energy of Aromas and bring it to dining.  Staff is attentive and we loved our seasonal entrees.  We recommend the pierogi appetizer and the burger.
  3. Food for Thought. Getting off the beaten path and away from walking-distance restaurants, we’d be remiss to not mention Food for Thought.  Located about a 10 minute drive past William and Mary’s campus on Richmond Road, Food for Thought is an ideal place to go with as a couple or as a family.  The food is American-faire (ribs that fall off the bone, meatloaf, salads) but it’s done so well and so consistently that we find ourselves visiting often.

Of course there are many, many more restaurants near The Cedars of Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast (and we’ll likely feature more soon!) but you won’t go wrong by any of these places next time you stay with us.


One thought on “Best Restaurants in Williamsburg, VA

  1. We have been staying at Cedars in Williamsburg for 7 years now and tried Berret’s for the first time last year for a nice dinner. Was highly disappointed! Food was not tasty, as a matter of fact we didn’t eat it. We do LOVE the outside pub. We did speak with the manager and his response was ok… thanks for coming. Once we went outside to the bar the outside bar manager asked how it was? We explain our meal was not very good and the manager offered no apologies. Within 10 minutes she went inside and got him and he came out and apologized with his head hanging. So sad he didn’t take this upon his self. We will not go back to the restaurant part.


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