The First {Real} Thanksgiving


We’re about to turn the calendar to November which of course has our head’s spinning (where has the year gone?!?) and planning a month-end feast with turkey on the menu. Though we won’t be hosting a Thanksgiving meal at The Cedars, we thought it was appropriate to mention a neat festival that’s happening on the Peninsula this weekend . The Virginia Thanksgiving Festival in Charles City will commemorate the 398th anniversary of the landing of Captain Woodlief at Jamestown which was really the first English Thanksgiving in America. And it happened just miles from our front door. You can read the full history here.

Over the last few years, Southern Virginia has been making a concerted effort to “take-back” the first Thanksgiving from our Northern counter-parts  – see here and here – and we’re totally on board. Being first is pretty great after-all. This year, PBS has released a brand-new documentary that tells what they’re calling a “monumental Virginia story”. It airs Thanksgiving Day at 8:00PM and we’re so excited that this relatively unknown story is being told! Once you’ve watched it, come visit Jamestown and Berkley Plantation yourself!


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